Hello, my name is Brittany!

I've had a couple of accounts on Wattpad in the past, but this is my current one.

My hobbies include watching Netflix for an unrealistic amount of time, procrastinating and trying to be happy!

I'm a hopeless romantic in the sense where I find love magical and will surely freak if you tell me you're in a relationship.

I am a proud feminist as I believe that everyone is equal.

I am a Vegan for various reasons, but mainly because it's my choice.

I hope that you enjoy my stories and if not I hope that you find much better as Wattpad has a lot to offer.

* Insert inspirational quote here*
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My Mind: Spoken Word

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Description: After researching how much of an impact Mental Health has on individuals and the statistic that one in four people suffer with mental health issues, I wanted to write something about it must feel to have struggle with such a heavy weight everyday.&a...