Hi! and welcome to my errr...page? lol
if you don't know me or never seen anything I've ever done

leave and run
nah jk you can check it out if you want :p

Current OTP FTW:
-Zenmin(Zen X Jumin •MM•)

Proud owner of No.1 Ask/Dare Simdil Book! Thank you everyone! couldn't do it with out you guys <3

I do ask/dare youtuber books mostly
I am also the creator of
-assassin!laki (assassin!Baki X assassin!Lachlan)
-FA!Double (Fallen Angel!Double)
-Faptor (GamingFelix X RaptordaRaptor)
-insane666 (insane!simonXbodil666)
-yandere!redstoner(Yandere!Jin X Redstoner!Ross)

Books are active:
-Ask/Dare Youtubers Comic ver
-Ask/Dare Evil!MCYT
-Mini Comics

Semi active books:
-Random drawing book
-Ask/Dare SkyBop
-Ask/Dare MithRoss
- Ask/Dare Simdil 2
- Highschool days (Insane666 fanfic)
-Evil!MCYT HeadCannons?!
-Rants book

Might return to in future books:
- Ask/Dare Insane666
-Ask/Dare RossBop

Discontinue books:
-The Adventures of Jolly and Alley with a little bit of simdil XD
-Random Tagging Stuff
-Song Guessing Game
-Ask/Dare Bodilox
-Dangan Ronpa Minecraft
-(Basic) YouTube Info

Completed books:
-Ask/Dare Simdil

Upcoming/future books:

  • My own Yaoi Hell filled with pocky
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