I am one of the co-founders of Wattpad.  Like most of you, I love to read.  We have so many amazing stories on Wattpad.  Don't be surprised if I am reading one of your stories or one on your reading list!  

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Travel Diary

Social data: 4.9K reads. 241 votes. 165 comments.

Description: This is a collection of my poems. Each poem is dedicated to a city that I traveled to.

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60-second Stories

60-second Stories

11.7K 513 249

My collection of ultra short stories. Each takes 60 seconds or less to read. Entirely written on my mobi...

Self Help

Self Help

2.6K 92 49

Sam discovered an interesting device that looked like an Apple TV remote in the ravine near his home. T...

The other side of the hospital table

The other side of the hospital table

2.2K 62 13

This is a funny poem I wrote while I was waiting in the emergency room.

SOPA poem

SOPA poem

1.2K 41 23

This poem was written before SOPA was withdrawn.

Imperfect_Stars posted a message to allenlau
Hello Mr, Lau 
      I just wanted to say thank you so much for founding Wattpad, without it I would have never gotten though sleepless nights.
      Wattpad makes me Cry, Laugh, Yell and Smile to myself like an idiot. Wattpad is probably why my parents think im crazy. 
      So Thanks So Very Much!
      Sincerly, Imperfect_Stars
      Oh and I love travel diary ....
Oliver8 posted a message to allenlau
Hi there Mr Lau, sorry to bother you at this time. I know you will be particularly busy with Wattpad, but I would love to give some feedback.
      I love your creation and as a community, you and the Wattpad team have created a wonderful website (and application) that allows writers and readers to share their writing journeys with everyone. It is truly amazing and I hope to see this maintain within the next year!
      I would like to suggest a few things that you can either accept or dismiss. Firstly, I'd really like to see a collaboration feature, whereby multiple people can join one book and write it without having to make a seperate account. Secondly, I would love a feature that could allow for different forms of prose, not just novels but also screenplays, scriptwriting as a whole and graphic novels. I feel that would be a major step into the mass market of drawers as well as writers and could definitely attract even more popularity.
      Thank you so much for reading this and I hope that my suggestions are useful. Either way, Wattpad is an incredible website and always will be. 
      P.S. Love your writing! Please write more haha.
iamloid posted a message to allenlau
Hi Sir Allen! Nice meeting you at the #WattpadMIBF also thank you for following me (Already followed you back) See you next year! I hope you enjoy the meetup.
      PS: I sent you friend request on Facebook, and chatted you there.
      ~ Loid (Filipino Wattpad Ambassador)