I'm Alex and I'm the most awkward child you will ever meet. I love my friends and music more than anything in the world and I spend more time on YouTube, playing guitar and living in my imaginary world than I do doing anything helpful :) 
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alix1D alix1D Feb 11, 2013 10:52PM
Well doesn't being in love just suck :'( i'll never have a relationship all the time my friends are there to mess it up -_- 
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Description: Megan turned up in Science like normal but nothing is normal anymore is it. Because once you make a decision you can't go back and when you start to drown in your problems you have to stand on tiptoes just to...


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"There was only one thing I had on Teagan which I could use against her. Make her feel the pain I d...

Until We See The Sun

Until We See The Sun

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I'm Alix Tomlinson. My brother's called Louis and he's in One Direction. You've probably heard of him bu...