I'm Alipurple, I'm 17

I live in Canada, but dream of moving to NYC.

I love writing both fanfiction and fiction and I have an account on fanfiction.net if you would like to read some of my stuff (which I'm too embarrassed to put here; please ignore my Taylor Swift fanfic).

I have a picture of Tom Felton in the background, because if Hogwarts were real and the students exist and Draco Malfoy looks like this instead of his slicked back hair, then I would marry him. But with the new way Wattpad looks, all you can see is his chest. I'm not complaining, though.

I'm typing out a new bio at 12:42 in the morning because I am upset and depressed my full profile (on fictionpress and fanfiction.net) are too long to be put here. And I poured my heart and soul out for that one.

Anyways, have a cookie. Baked them nice and fresh just now. Just don't look on the bottom.

(I can bake, I'm just not a professional)

Okay, I'm gonna eat my cookies, goodnight! (or good morning, good afternoon, good evening, good mid-day, good etc)

~ AliPurple
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