Alice Cutter :D
I'm really bad at finishing stories, as you see one of my works is on hiatus - but I made a vow to finish it so I will! I have finished a couple of other pieces and I will continue on with the characters of Prof. Henry and his reluctant companions after I finish Two Moons and Nikolai and if I don't start something new.
I have the bad habit of having to be in the mood to write and to be in the mood it means early morning, no annoying people or easy and interesting distractions as well as being in a generally good mood. But I try... :-/
All the works published here are first drafts and are uploaded without much proofreading so I apologise up front. I am a bit of a grammar and spelling freak and I hate when things have nonsensical structure or form and are written badly so I try my best not to conform into being what I despise... meaning that hopefully everything written here makes sense :D.
Feel free to comment, criticism is welcome.
PS. Please give a read to something :)
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alicecutter alicecutter Feb 11, 2012 07:21PM
Who's reading? I know there's not many of you but please identify yourself!
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