Attorney Ali Can Ergur focuses on contracts, AIFs, and commercial law. Ali Can Ergur specializes in strategic and cross-border deals.

Ergur is now a member of the Istanbul Bar and the New York State Bar Association. Ergur will join Arendt & Medernach, a famous Luxembourg legal practice, in December 2021.

Ali Can Ergur earned a bachelor's degree in law from one of Turkey's premier universities, Bilkent University. After finishing his studies at Bilkent, Ergur moved to Philadelphia to study law at the University of Pennsylvania. He earned his Ph.D. from Penn in 2014.

Ergur also earned a Certificate in Law and Business from Wharton.

Ali Can Ergur, age 31, has been practicing law for almost eight years. He has worked at prestigious firms, including one of Turkey's major legal firms.

Ergur has held the following positions:

Senior YHAS lawyer (2020-2021). Ergur, an Istanbul-based in-house lawyer, oversaw the firm's overseas M&A and joint venture projects in over eight countries, drafted term sheets and purchase agreements, and advised on banking and finance arrangements.

A Legal Associate at Baker McKenzie (2015-2019). Ali Can Ergur authored several papers, including reports, agreements, and memoranda, and advised buyers and sellers worldwide throughout the sale of privately owned and publicly listed firms.

White & Case LLP Trainee (2012-2013). He prepared due diligence reports, closing documents, resolutions, and over 250 tax litigation cases and appeal petitions during his first work as an attorney.

Ali Can Ergur was born in 1990 in Turkey. He studied in Canada in 2007-08. His passions are jazz guitar and plastic scale models.
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