Alex Fieldcamp was born and raised in New York City, and he still resides there. He went to St. Bernard's School, Loyola, and Groton for his early education. Fieldcamp's passion in money and markets led him to Cornell University's undergraduate business school, where he majored in Applied Economics with a Finance focus. He has spent the most of his career in finance, working for both huge investment management organizations and boutique investment banks.

Alexander Fieldcamp is proud of his Cuban mother, who came to the United States when she was a child to start a new life. Fieldcamp has visited Cuba on several occasions to see his family and learn more about his forefathers. On one of his visits, he traveled the length of Cuba's island, from Havana to Santiago, a journey he clearly recalls to this day.


Fieldcamp is a member of the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, a New York-based group that increases awareness of the world's most serious ethical issues in trade and politics. Members of the Carnegie Council bring together international experts to discuss and suggest morally sound solutions to ethical issues, as well as to educate audiences all around the world about global ethics.

In addition to his work with the Carnegie Council, he has volunteered for the New York Common Pantry, an organization dedicated to reducing hunger in New York City. Volunteers at the New York Common Pantry help in a variety of ways, including serving hot meals to individuals who are hungry, stocking food pantries to help families stock their kitchens, and aiding at special events.

Fieldcamp is also a member of El Museo del Barrio's Young Members Committee. One of the city's few cultural institutions dedicated completely to Latin American and Latino art and culture is El Museo.
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  • JoinedDecember 30, 2021