My new one for you guys. It's a different story than Brilliant Plan, but maybe you like my change into this genre, too. Give it a try.


Hey book lovers,
          If your Go to genres are Thriller, Fiction, New Adult and/or ChickLit... Then you should totally read the book The Squad.
          It's a contemporary and original series. Recently completed and ranking 5th in #Conspire and 3rd in #Pretence. I promise you'd love the plot


If you're searching for a gripping story to read. Please check out my book.
          "Darkness is wherever he is and he is flirting wherever she is."
          Its a book that explores the depths of a dark curse on the female lead and follows a mind-blowing mystery, exploring love on a suspense filled journey that will leave you flipping page by page and chapter by chapter.
          Packed with a paranormal presence, psychological thrilling elements, horror setting and a budding romance, this book is a complete package for mystery enthusiasts.
          Here's the link:



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