My new one for you guys. It's a different story than Brilliant Plan, but maybe you like my change into this genre, too. Give it a try.


Hi guys. I'm a new writer at Wattpad. I absolutely love ur stories especially the Brilliant plan @alexames They are just perfect! Would be glad if u woul give my new book Riddling realities a read and give me ur feedback. Thanks :-)


Kuukua has been able to sweep her lover off his feet with her love and heart warming gestures. You can also be enthralled with these mind-blowing poems about the purity of love. Don't be left out as we ride through the world of love! Check out Kuukua 5 and 6 for yourself cos it's going to be a heckuva ride
          An atmosphere of love ❤️ and Romance 
          You should read "Purity of love" on #wattpad #poetry