I just wanted to say that your youtube videos are very helpful for my writing and I'm so glad I discovered you!


Hi! I watch your videos and they’re great! I find that I usually agree with the advice you give beginner readers & love the tidbits of insight you give into traditional publishing. Thanks for sharing that. & wonderful to see you on Wattpad! ❤️


Just wanted to stop by and say how thankful I am for your YouTube videos. The professional advice is seriously helpful and I'll be taking it all to heart. Thank you so much & I hope you make it big.


Hello Alexa. I've recently started watching your YouTube channel and I am sincerely thankful I found you because your videos, especially the tough love videos, helped me a lot on my writing. I realized I was so hard on myself when I started writing my novel. Maybe because I've been so used to writing short stories without a concrete plot and world building and story structure. But, you really helped me and I found out you were on Wattpad and that excited me. Also, I was wondering if I could ask you some questions regarding some concerns I have. Thank you.


Hey Alexa!  I watch all your videos, and was wondering if you did reviews?  You said in one of your videos that you worked with young writers. (Teen writer advice)  That made me wonder if you did reviews.
            Thanks for reading my comment!


Hi, Ms Donne! I've followed you on YouTube for a few months and just found out you're on Wattpad. So, I decided to follow you! (That's not weird right?) Love your videos, btw! {^Π^}"