Hey,Alexa! I just saw your on Wattpad too and was watching your news YouTube video on Blurbs and want to know if you would like to be one for me. ( I working on my grammar and some edits but I really want to know what a fellow writer has to about my work as well as someone a little older. I really hope you check it out it’s call Daughter Of Gods check it on my Wattpad @CreativeGreekGoddess) I really hope you check it out! Thanks


Hi, Alexa! I'm another viewer of your YouTube channel (watching your "What Fanfic Can Teach You About Writing" video right now) and I'm DEFINITELY reading "Brightly Burning" once it's out.  Thanks for being awesome!


Traversing the internet on my journey to publishing, looking for a mentor, and boom I find Alexa Donne speaking to my soul on youtube. AND she has wattpad (and wrote fanfic, dang). Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I'm totally hooked on your channel - systematically watching everything. 
          A deliriously happy new Fan. xxx


You just became 100% cooler by being on Wattpad. Cannot wait to read 'Brightly Burning'!!!


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Hmmm I think it depends on the questions? An exclusive R&R doesn't mean you'll get an offer, and you may spook the agent if you go into all your "offer" questions... but I do think an exclusive R&R situation warrants questions on your part. You could frame a few softball "style" questions in terms of "If I were to pull off this R&R and you were to offer representation..." but I wouldn't ask TOO much? Does that help?