Hey you! Yea you! First off, please go read my story and comment! It would mean a lot to me. Another few things you might

want to do, Check out TheMiddleChild's
stories!!!! I personally like 'The Knights of the Space Needle' best :)

Feel free to leave messages for me to read your books, I'd really like to check them out! Oh yes, another thing.

I'm more of a comedic writer and I'm going to try to finish one story before starting another. Two books at once.

is too much pressure for me!!! If you want to know anything more about my story or just about me, just leave me a message! :)

BAM !! Sha-mazin'(;

Always bring a banana to a party!

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akaSHORTY akaSHORTY Dec 16, 2012 02:57AM
@TheMiddleChild Guuurrbishh! I know where you live.. (:
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