❝i know the sun must set to rise❞

aivy (eye-vee) | xiv | aussie | scorpio

↠ A B O U T :
i am smol with loves for all things sky, star, and sunset related. you can easily win my heart or take my soul by giving me skittles and/or pringles. find me being awkward and waiting for hugs

↠ W O R K S :
Warmest Blues | ongoing
Stroke of Midnight | ongoing
Libraries and Honey Bees | ✎

↠ A C H I E V E M E N T S :
Warmest Blues | 812 in Short Story
Libraries and Honey Bees | 534 in Short Story

↠ N O T E S :
» 'you're smelly' means 'i love you' in aivy world
» i'm currently not taking any requests whatsoever, except for friend requests, in which case hmu
» i'll probably spam you at some point if we're friends so be prepared
» get my attention by talking to me about dogs
» kj apa is my husband ok
» if you get this far, post something aussie on my message board
» i'm in hufflepuff, district one, and amity
» i either type in lowercase letters or capital

↠ F O R M O R E , F O L L O W :
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aivyn.wattpad
email: aivyn.wattpad@hotmail.com
joint wattpad: @violetdeaths
admin for: @projectliftthesoul
telegram: @aivyhn
  • stargazing, possibly petting a dog
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aivyntage aivyntage Dec 26, 2017 10:26AM
from now until the 15th of January, i won’t be on AT ALL
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