I'm Janine also known as Nadz, Ainjen, Jad, and Nine ^^ im wacky in different ways, sometimes can be emo, and most of the times can be stupid. I love all my friends and im very irresponsible..really.... so there... now you know about me... uhhhh.. heheheh..

Favorite Quotations
*using an iphone to take a video*
"How do you zoom in?" mikee
"You do that stretch thing with your finger" gio
"You can't zoom in" gladys (ignored)
*mikee proceeds to try to zoom in while taking a video*
"it doesn't work" mikee

*Playing Never Have I Ever*
"Where'd you learn how to drive, Gladys?" - Minjee
"Sex-Ed."- Gladys
"What if it was David's?" -mikee
"T.T" - gio

Minjee: hey guys, can I borrow a comb or a breast?
hahahaha fail.
"why are you kneeling on the floor when you have two chairs next to you??" - gladys
"cause im used to it" kiki
"Babe, name an animal that starts with a 'J'" -Gio
"JIRAFFE!" - Gladys
*on the phone*
"Babe? Babe? What the FUCK, Macky?!?" - Gio
"BartdAy chEX" - Nicola and Minjee
"Your puppies are showing" - usually said to me and kelly :D
Nicola: *eating spaghetti* NOM NOM NOM NOM
*ice breaker moment*
gladys:...guys....i think im gay... *joke*
nicola: tell me more :P
"Ay shepoks!" -Kelly
"We're going to CCFee right?" -Dale
"Jerissa, why are you wearing sunglasses in the movie house??" me
"I'm scared!!" Jerissa
(watching the Happening)
"Hey Gladys, what's a bebo?" Tom
"I dunno, but it sounds like a Boobah" me
"BOOBAH!" both shout
Scary maze game on youtube
"dude! Seriously what's the point of this game??" me
"Just don't let the dot touch the outside, you're almost done," Dan
"DannnnAHH!!!" me when the horrible picture popped out
"Yo whats up you're in ma crib" me
"Im yo pimp" Tom
"And I got first dibs" Peter
"And now I'm wearin yo bib" me
"Don't you think she's hot??" Dan
"....thats a guy dude," me
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