@TheArtOfBreaking She is my true sis on Wattpad, she is my American baby child so don't mess with her or you'll feel my wrath !!!!!!! She is also an amazing writer, CHECK OUT HER WORK OR PERISH FROM NOT SEEING TRUE AWESOMENESS!!
@EmberWolf is an amazing best friend and she is amazing at writing check her out!!
You hurt either of these two and I will hunt you like the hounds of hell!
I am Aileen :D. Hello. Here is some random facts about me
I like :
Creating things and knowing I can do that. :D! (I likd very little)
Writing is fabulous!!
I love:
Vampires (Caution I bite ;D)
Were Wolves (not twilight though)
Death Eaters
My family
My Characters
Making something out of nothing
Knowing some one cares.
My Chemical Romance
Pierce The Veil
Bring Me The Horizon
Linkin Park
Music (suggest music anytime)
Back stabbers
I ship so many of my own characters, it ain't even funny
Quote (mine)
Everyone is a beautiful and unique person and you are all beautiful and perfect and amazing in every way. Never doubt that.
I will always fan back
I will check out anyone's work.
I will be honest
Love is better than hate. Hate causes war. Loves causes healing
I know I may be honest and weird but honestly I like to get to know people and be nice cause you never know what is truly going on in people's live's.
If you guys ever need help or a friend I'm here. I will guard you even when I don't know you because no one really understands what goes on in some people's lives
I'm single, and I don't care if you thin I'm insane but I'm searching for my soul mate!
  • Location:
    Hogwarts, Narnia, Wonderland, Middle Earth, My house >:)
  • Joined:
    Oct 25, 2011 11:09AM

aileen167 aileen167 Jul 05, 2016 03:06AM
Hey guys, its that time of year again, its summer so I will hopefully have peace and time to update my books, yay!
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