y'all, stop fretting. i can handle my current situation, I have been in bad places before. don't worry about me, ok?


@aibhlinnblake I fifth this^ I'm late tehehe


@aibhlinnblake I fourth this. And I started reading your story save me less than a week ago and I'm ready on chapter 63 or something and I'm always here to talk and u might feel alone but I've gone through some mental things and I don't know if it's family or something but I can understand that you don't want to talk about it especially to someone u know personally. I hate sharing my feelings but sometimes it makes me feel better after I do. Just know I'm here for u.


@aibhlinnblake i second this... Or third it i guess


hiya! I started re-reading closer and I forgot how  much I loved it! Anyways, how are you doing?


Seeing your pfp gives me butterflies in my stomach thinking of year ago reading you and waiting for updates 


so thank you like so much for your fanfics, they increase my life by so much... POST MORE ON SAVED PLZ! but anyway just straight out thank you!


Hey I know you're probably busy but could you DM me one day because I relate to you in some ways and I would really love to talk