happy minhyuk day <<3 


you have no idea how scared i am to lose you.. maybe i’m just paranoid, but i miss talking to you and i don’t want you to think we’re not worth it anymore..


hi kei baby!!
          i’m not very good with words, but i figured you deserved all my effort and i would write the cutest letter i can write!
          so i kind of feel bad, but not really. i do, because i lost track of time and i don’t really know when we started dating and i probably will never know because we left no trace! but i don’t feel as bad because i was too focused on how happy you make me rather than the number of days we have been together, which, in my eyes, is the best thing.
          i remember the day we started talking; i was very shy and you were super crazy and extroverted, which intrigued me a lot, so i got addicted to your energy and couldn’t stop talking to you and wondering about your whereabouts whenever you were not around.
          we eventually became the best friends ever and we stayed like that for a looong time. i never complained because i saw you as one of those people that could be whatever they wanted in somebody’s life and still manage to make them happy as hell. that always made me wonder if other people appreciated you as much as i did.
          we both went through some stuff, but we dealt with all of it together, we stood by each other’s side and gave each other encouraging gestures when needed. there’s when i realized that having you as a friend was not really enough. i became blindly in love with you and i just knew i would never be able to get back up.
          god bless we were friends before dating. god bless we even got to know each other. i don’t know what i would be doing if you hadn’t talked to me.. i don’t want to know either.
          just know that i’m not going away anytime soon and that i’m madly in love with you.
          sleep tight, future husband! ❤️
                  yours truly,
                                 your baby bear. 


okay, you sweet thing. this will be a thread of songs that make me think about you in every way possible (you know what i mean)

eenyminnie i want to dance to this one with you </3

eenyminnie you will see many by little mix and i’m not sorry about it

eenyminnie when you’re gone i usually listen to this one!