A bit about myself, I see.
I love humans and my worst enemy ;)
Aishiteruyo, Shizu-chan ;) XD he'll hate me
I'm a musician- vocalist, guitarist, pianist, flute-ist? and on my way to DRUMMER
I'm a very happy kid and love to help my fellow peasant humans with their conflicts.
I am in a dance crew and a band.
I can come off as slightly cocky, but trust me, you'll love it. (<<< there it is)
I'm a nerd.
Don't label me... unless you want to compare me to anime or j-rock ;D
I'm a troll, but a softy at heart. Teddy bears and cotton candy are a few of my guilty pleasures.
I love music- in case you didn't realize. Favourite music people atm are Super Junior, BIGBANG, and bestest is SHINee <3
Somethings a bit more personal about myself?
I'm pansexual and genderfluid. physically a dude. i'm the weirdest kid you'll ever meet.
I'm a sexican Mexican.
theKittenKING is what I am. and I hate to say this, but you guys are my pawns and peasants ;) trolled ya yet?
I hide nothing! Lemme just tell ya now, I live a life of caffeineXparanoia
I'm a writer, also. Poetry, Romance, Horror, Action, even Academic article and short story summaries- you name it
I'm also an art student in my school's Art Academy! Yeah, so talented, I know. XD ;D
I'm a huge otaku so don't be surprised if I harrass you with my anime and manga knowledge-- although, don't bring up Naruto around me. It has been ruined and I will forever refuse to watch it.
Yaoi. 'nough said, ladies and gents.
I'm into fanfics lately.
IG: agirlnamedevan and CaffeinatedxDork
KIK: xxbreathexcarolinaxx hmu
Tumblr: CaffeinatedxDork
Never go trolling the brute of the city unless you're as quick as I am and carry a switchblade.
I have ta go cause I'm being hunted ;) take care!
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agirlnamedevan commented on María José - Capítulo 1

Estábien echó. Me gusta el detalle y si me gusta el pasó qué lleva. No tan lento y no tan apurada.
      Sería bien continuar pa los qué sí andan leyendo. (: y acuérdese, sí a usted le gusta escribir, no deje qué algo le paré.