Its been a while since I change this. XD
Well, let's see what to put...what to put...Oh, I know!

Right now:
*The Dragon Riders
*The Moon Girl
*and a new story I will upload soon...after I finish the 1st chapter.

Fav. Books:
*Percy Jackson series.
*The Heir Trilogy.
*The Hunger Games.
*Harry Potter series.
*The Unwanteds.
*The Kane Chronicles.

Fav. Movies:
*Superman(all of them)
*Harry Potter.
*The Mask of the Zorro!
*and many many more.

Fav. Authors(here and the published ones)
*Rick Riordan.
*J K Rowling.
*Cassandra Clare.
*Zoraida Cordova.
*and many many more.

I'm just a boy who wants to write all day if he could, that likes to hang out with his friends, to listen to music, who loves to read and daydream all the time. Most of my time I'm in another planet or fighting a bunch of ninjas with superpowers and my sidekick Monkey Ninja! a monkey that was trained by the old rules of a ninja! or fighting against monsters with my sword and wand! Mostly sword and bow now xD

My best friend here are @Plaguemelove, @brookieismyname and also @xxmajaine <<< this girls are insane at writing. Serious talent they have you will see. Check out their works, they are AWESOME!!

Favorite quote: "You make and control your own destiny, no one else does.

Well, I guess that's all for today! I'll add more whenever I think of something new.
Ageofthewriters OFF!!
See ya!
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Hello everyone! Its been a while!! And I'm sorry. I suck. I have no excuse for me to have stop writing and updating. Well, unless you count work and becoming a Pokemon Master and traveling around wit...
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The dragon riders

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Description: Jason Mead is a normal sixteen-years-old, who thought his grandpa's stories were only that stories. But he founf that their are more than just stories. When Dustin, Anastasia and Jason find three egg shaped ro...


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