Reading and writing, it's my medium for much needed escapism from everything and everyone.
A good book will capture your soul and make you apart of it.
Free to think as you like without anyone judging you, it is the one time you get to judge other people as you please.
It is the one time we are completely and utterly honest and comfortable with who we are.
Books capture us in our true essence of being, it is something film or any other medium that is a form of escapism could never do in the same sort of sophistication.
We all long to express ourselves, honestly.
Literature is a way inwhich we can do this- whether you read it or write it, it is a way escaping the harsh dimensions of reality.

My love for writing coincides with my longing to escape harsh reality. I might not be the next JK Rowling, but it is what I love.

I aim to make the reader apart of my story and for it to be unique and unpridictable in a way the reader can both relate to characters but also be stunned by elements that aren't just a cliche.

I'd like to thank everyone that has supported me so far, it makes everything worth while. :)
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The Mystical's Whisper

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Description: The perception that life, decisions and even love can be black and white is a lie. Infact, life is one big grey area. In her final year of highschool, Mila for a second time in her life faces hardship as she d...


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