ohhhh thank you for 16k guys!!! i love you all sm ): ♡


@aestheticallyjikook  it's 18k now, sleep well


[ @jungooisbby ]
          	  "pillowtalk" is one of the best jimin top books i've ever read, you should read it !


@jungooisbby i guess most of it are top jk, but out of 11 books, there is one or two books that i havent read yet........feel free to check because its all good .....


          I may not the best writer but still trying to! oh you have bored maybe check my new book! Called "A BEAUTIFUL SACRIFICE" a FanFiction ....wanna know more then-
          A Beautiful Tragic Sacrifice (Book #1 of Tangled with Vengeance and Love)
          Dark_Murk( only on Wattpad)
          Fanfiction, Romance, Suspense, Mafia love, Business Love,  ( does have some sucide, abuse, mental illness, and depressive content)
          This story is about a young girl Vierara who had a rough past and only word she knew the true meaning was "sacrifice." She never got to do things she wanted and became cold women with her rough past. It get's even worse when she met Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook! What will happen at the end? Among these three who is gonna do "Sacrifice"

          Thank you so much for checking my message hope you check my book and hope you like it!
          Have a great day Purple You Byee Peace!


Heyy Dear Author, I really love your works....the angst and the happy ending gets me attached to your works even more!!
          I want to write like you but idk how? Can you please share some tips