fuck pronouns
Bisexual as FUCK
Also very vulgar. Read at your own risk.

I wish to...
be wise, like Annabeth
be loyal, like Percy
be strong, like Jason
be sweet, like Piper
be funny, like Leo
be hopeful, like Hazel
be sneaky, like Nico
and trustworthy, like Frank
(if you are a Percy Jackson and heroes of Olympus fan, copy and paste this)
I swear to Zeus that I will keep on remembering all this and to keep this close to my heart and that I will keep on loving PERCY JACKSON, ANNABETH CHASE and together PERCABETH!!!!

Ships I support:
Percabeth (of course(( Percy & Annabeth))
Frazel (Frank & Hazel)
Jasper (Jason & Piper)
Thaluke (Thalia & Luke)
Octavchel (Octavian & Rachel)
Caleo (Calypso & Leo)
Ronime (Ron & Hermione)
Hinny (Harry & Ginny)
Drarry (Draco & Harry)
FierroChase (Alex & Magnus)
Solangelo (Will Solace & Nico di Angelo)
And some others I can't remember right now

/ \
This is Leo ... Copy and paste him everywhere you can. Soon he will take over the world O.o

Also, I am totally willing to listen to any criticism, so just comment on my books or send something to my inbox. I will always reply back.

P. P. S
If you've managed to read all the way to the bottom, I salute you. I will in fact have other accounts where I may post my work, so do not say "this was stolen!" I will always put a disclaimer on my work.
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do people still even use this site or am I one of the few who still like to read old fanfics and cringe at the shit i used to like lololol
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