happy birthday to Lynie @crystaellized !!! i hope you have a great day with your loved ones. you’re truly a good friend and im so grateful to be your friend. best wishes, love you loads ❤️❤️❤️


Mannnnn, I had scandal in my library and was gonna read it soon after I finish the book I’m currently reading but I saw that it was gone and searched up your name, it took me a while to find. But I respect your decision. I feel like I had lots of your story saved to read but I got busy for a while and stopped reading and then got back to binge reading and going back to see what I have saved in my library.
          Anyways I may not really know you but I hope you’re happy or find a source of happiness and that you have a wonderful 2021!
          I’ll follow you in case you put your books back up. 


I regret not coming here earlier I saw scandal in my recommendations I was automatically attracted to it but I only saw author's note when I came to your profile the book was not available : ") hope you are doing good! Stay healthy and stay safe!!


i think i exaggerated a bit but i really just cried knowing that you dont write books anymore. I have lots of books in my library but i keep coming back to scandal & reread (& not knowing theres a sequel) scandal, shy, yesterday once more were all my favorite :((( but yea, however it is i hope youre doing well :) thankyou for all the work! <333 (though i honestly hope you would leave them here & lets us reread them) but whatever your decision it was all up to you :) have a good day!


@kookiesnbread i kept my books private for many reasons and one of them if bc many ppl plagiarize my books. im sorry :(


i-i came back here and you’re gone ;;-;; but whatever it is in life i hope you’ll be happy, thank you for your works and kind words, i’m so glad to be able to read them! 


@CHOGIOUT hey thank you, that made me tear up a lil :')


i’m glad i was atleast able to read scandal and the bit of scandal two that was available (: your account made me happy and so did your works, i know how it feels when it’s time to move on and i’ll always support you,
          lost of love, tina <3


@BBBLETAEE thank you so much <3


Aww authornim I'm soo sad. I was looking for for your scandal 2 
          U were such a good talented writer
          I loved your stories. 
          Love you. If even plan write stories again I will be rooting for you. 
          From your fan. 
          Borahae authornim


@shfsarangjk thank you so much <3


I’m sad to see that you aren’t writing anymore because I was really looking forward to reading not another scandal. I respect your decision and I hope you’re doing well and thank you do all of the amazing and wonderful fan fictions you wrote! Love you lots❤️✨


@emeralds__01 thank you so much <3