what good would it make to tell you about me when you have judged me already?

just a few of myself:

-just another frustrated writer oh no scratch, who am I calling writer? -___-
- an outcast, a wallflower
- forgotten and unwanted
- i have a world of my own; right here inside my head and it's so much better
( i don't proofread )
photos I use are all found in the web. I don't claim it unless otherwise stated

since I don't have enough money to buy books I'm glad that wattpad is here. If i like your story Id really take time to read it even if it deprives me from sleep and will definitely vote for it :))

talk to me maybe?

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Not a Soul

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Description: inspired by homeless children in the neighborhood :) what do you think guys? please let me know. I know this isn't great but still ... xo

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