I'm a writer, poet a best, a lover, a Christian. My name is Aaron. I play sports, basketball, roller hockey, baseball you name it, save swimming. I write music, and love people. I'm energetic, strong and imaginative. I am a writer. 

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acmercury91 commented on King's Cry

lol this is my least fav poem ever.... a better rendition is my poem Stand I think it's still on here... Monica I really appreciate your comments.... Like to be childish here... keep going.... it's always a special treat to hearing words like yours..... thank you!   My favorite poems I wrote are Chardonnay, Garden,  Appleblossom, In The Night.... and a few more.....  all my favs are posted here .... http://hellopoetry.com/aaron-combs/

this  one had more structure, and definitely more fluid. Don't be tricked Meg.... just because you get comments doesn't your less important. Look for quality, the people who care, and not just a fluffy comment to make you happy. There's sometimes needed work to be done so that people discover you. But don't make it your highest priority. Learn to love others first, Encourage, their goals, hope, work with another.  Help parents in the house, listen to people, just start with a few others around you. There's so much to life other than, the neighbor's cute smile. You need to be loved like a heartaches needs sugar. My dear, be patient. Hold down your thirsts, work to do quality work, don't be so troubled by others.

ehhh, well it was a good journal.... When I judge for "good" poetry. I look for moral content, technique, and clarity.
      It's not the best way to judge things, but i feel 1 moral statement stands louder than a thousand cries. Morality gives your poetry weight, contrast/symmetry, understanding light, hues, and even color. 
      What you have here is cry from your heart. Rejection, fear, hatred, confusion. These feelings happen everyday.  It happens to me. It happens to Joe, Amy, Jim, and Shelly. It happens to everyone. 
      Poetry is defined as outrcy for hope, but i feel like you turned this into heavy illustrious journal of feelings.  
      What I would have done differently, is find a picture coffee and table. And describe the relationship based on this.
      The coffee sits next to you, 
      Three crooked smiles turn me round. 
      I fell in love here, but you broke me down.
      I drink your words like alcohol and blues, 
         - Do you mistake me for fool? 
      I'm mad for you, like a papercut in the skin, 
       your friends smile like a clown, 
       words drip like water, girls are always around, 
      digging into your good looks, you shark- 
         -  Your nothing but a reptile, oh sin. 
      I miss you, wait your worse than Capone,
        you take me down, I"ll turn this table around. 
      Your a punk, unintelligent, ditz, leave me alone. 
       Your smile's fake, no, Thanks. I'll turn you down. 
         - I take your single? No, you just got friend-zoned.