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Fuck Tr*mp lol


Ok so i had a mental breakdown and i let my sister cut my hair 
          Ngl it looks kinds good


@ ArtisticAnimeThot  i felt better at the first few minutes but now my hair is dry and its so weird i can't stop looking at it it's so puffy and it has a really weird shape like raven's hair from teen titans just a lot more puffy
            And it's really short, it doesn't go past my shoulders


@a_very_sad_person_ Do you feel any better now? Also how short is your hair now?


It's like 4 am and I'm here crying over fictional stories while 'stay' is playing in the background
          What even is my life anymore


היי, אני חדשה באתר ואני ממש אשמח אם תנסי לקרוא את הסיפור שלי (boyxboy) 
          אל תעזוב- https://my.w.tt/Q5s2KdDrO0
          ואפילו עוקב אם אהבת את הסיפור ❣️
          תודה גם אם כן וגם אם לא ❤️


Hey would you like to take on my endeavor rape book please I haven't Even started it yet by the way I love your stories