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Love your bio honeythe only thing I would say to someone small minded is spend a week with me, with a willingness to learn, be open to be educated, you will leave open minded or the very least, learn people can change!, with the subject of education being taught by someone of that subject in life weather it be race,religion,class etc. After being educated a subject of life even if it doesn't quite change your mind it will make you think if you come across the subject again you will certainly stop and think and if one small minded guru can stop and think, they all can!.  Sorry I get deep sometimes, anyways love,live,life xxx


@Kerylvz2read aww tysm for saying so. I really enjoyed your comment. True that, before we judge a person we need to spend some time with them first. Have a good day! xx


Thank u for the follow.  I'm Catholic but think we all luv one God and just call him different names. How can u judge someone on something that has nothing to do with them. I didn't get to ask to be a white woman, it's the god made me. How can u judge me on something I have nothing to do with. I love the way think girl!!! Don't like small minded people. Wanna learn something new everyday, wanna talk to someone new everyday. U have a beautiful spirit. Authors on wattpad r awesome and Ur gonna make Alot of new friends


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Assalamualaikum sis.
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