Hey to ever is reading this,
The names Erin-Lee
But usually people just call me Erin
I'm 16 or 17, dont know
I like to write and read stories.
Anime is pretty cool
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Mother of the ninetails, lover of the copycat (Under Editing and Changes)

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Description: Um well... my name is Ren Irobi and my parents died when I was young. Minato took me in as his student, forming a team (Ouch!). But then I guess he died protecting the village and my friends/teammates died also, except me and another named Kakashi H...

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Soul of the White Flames (Redewing all chapters)

Soul of the White Flames (Redewing all chapters)

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The Only Ones Left (Uchiha Fanfic)

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The Angel From Above (ON HOLD)

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Sorry its taking so long with mother of the ninetails lover of the copycat. its been hetic weeks since this is the most important weeks of grade 12 for me. so ill try and get as much as i can done when i have the time
So mother of the nine tails and lover of the copycat is going through some minor and major changes and editing. I feel that things aren't really portrayed well enough and some things aren't necessary. So some things will remain the same with a few changes but some major things will be changes such as a few chapter that make no sense and Ren's personality and character are getting a few changes. 
       But other than that the next chapter will be up straight after. Im sorry i havent really been updating any of my stories for so long or paid little attention. But this year has been huge for me and it still will be. So ill try and update as much as i can! 
      Thankyou all the support that my stories have suddenly been receiving. I didnt think it would gain this much popularity,  as well as so many people following me jeez but thanks for sticking this far with me and i hope i can still continue to in making you guys enjoy my stories. 
      So definitely by the end of the week the changes and editing will be done and the next chapter up or maybe two!
Alrighty another chapter of mother of the ninetails, lover of the copycat will be up soon but first i'm going through already the present chapters and editing them so a few things will be changed some minor and some major
Hey people! im not dead! ain't that great so anyway not sure which story to update at the moment. 
      So please let me know which story of mine you'll like to see the next chapter of, I'll update which ever one at the end of the week.