I'm song writer before anything else!
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aTouchOfClass aTouchOfClass Jan 09, 2013 04:54AM
Hello everyone! I just wanna say one thing to make things clear! I have had two people from my friends here on Wattpad come to me and telling me that someone with my username has been spamming them w...
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My Lyrics.

Social data: 12.9K reads. 161 votes. 126 comments.

Description: I'm a professional Lyricast and the only reason why I consider myself that, Is because I've been writing since birth! Here are my lyrics that I've writin and so very proud of, I really hope you guys enjoy read...


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The Queen Of Darkness (A Short Story) (Non Vampire).

The Queen Of Darkness (A Short Story) (Non Vampire).

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Here's a story about five beautiful Princesses who are sisters and are parts of the earth they later on...

Uh-Oh! Deirdre's Watching!

Uh-Oh! Deirdre's Watching!

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Here's an extremely creepy story that takes place in 1962 in Connecticut about a little 7 year old girl...

Roma's Secret.

Roma's Secret.

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Roma Lohr has killed a little 6 year old girl by accident at the age of 10 then she buried her where no...

So Young.

So Young.

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At her birth it bloomed and flourished, a love. But they were separated for nearly a lifetime; seventeen...