I'm song writer before anything else!
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Description: I'm a professional Lyricast and the only reason why I consider myself that, Is because I've been writing since birth! Here are my lyrics that I've writin and so very proud of, I really hope you guys enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing th...

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The Queen Of Darkness (A Short Story) (Non Vampire).

The Queen Of Darkness (A Short Story) (Non Vampire).

1.5K 41 78

Here's a story about five beautiful Princesses who are sisters and are parts of the earth they later on...

Uh-Oh! Deirdre's Watching!

Uh-Oh! Deirdre's Watching!

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Here's an extremely creepy story that takes place in 1962 in Connecticut about a little 7 year old girl...

Roma's Secret.

Roma's Secret.

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Roma Lohr has killed a little 6 year old girl by accident at the age of 10 then she buried her where no...

So Young.

So Young.

4.5K 89 79

At her birth it bloomed and flourished, a love. But they were separated for nearly a lifetime; seventeen...

@Canuck19 Haha, you shouldn't be sorry at all. If I wanna become a true writer I need to accept all kinds of feedback. Even if it was brutally honest (My personal favorite) Because it means you are not sugar coating things and you're just giving it straight up. 
      Thank you very much and stay tuned in four years from now when I release a hit ;)