Eid Mubarak!
          	May Allah approve our kind deeds, forgive our disobedience and sins, and ease the suffering of all individuals around the globe. آمین 


@_shinja_ khair Mubarak ♥️


@_shinja_ Khair Mubarak ✨
          	  Ameen! ❤


@_shinja_ khair Mubarakk habibti ❤️ ameen!


To everyone reading this, we have one or two days remaining in Ramadan.
          Yes, this Ramadan has gone in the blink of an eye. Let's make use most use of what is left. It isn't over yet guys.
          This could be the night of power, we may not know. Cry and pray to Allah. You're not late...never. Spent the night reciting Quran. For every harf recited, we're given 10 rewards. Just imagine, how much we're gonna get from reciting even a page. Don't delay it further. You have time to make up for the time you've wasted. 
          Indeed we don't want to be among the people who has wasted Ramadan.... Prophet pbuh has cursed the ones to whom Ramadan appeared in front of them but they didn't get to utilise it properly. May Allah bless us all and protect us from the hellfire


@HAFINADA Aameen! ❤️


Is your account on pause?
          I was able to follow you yesterday but now It shows none. I tried adding your book in my library but as soon as i do it goes back to story details. 
          I followed you again but I cannot see it. Did you receive my notification?


@Ungodlyyy Oh, I don't know what the issue is but I can see all notifications from you just fine. Try logging out of your account and see if it get's resolved or not because it's all fine on my part.