Hi I'm Z.

I'm a 03 liner. I love books. I'm protective of my books. Don't touch my books unless I permitted you to do so, which happens rarely, so take your chance when I say you can touch my lovely books.

I stan fictional characters, no kidding.

I couldn't say I'm a nerd, because I'm not. I'm not really nerdy, but I can be at times especially when it comes to books, literature, reading, and similar stuffs.

I am a proud K-pop fan. Many of my relatives actually find this ridiculous. They say I'm crazy and have a loose screw on my brain. Bruh, I really do have a loose screw on my brain ever since I was born.

I'm an OTAKU! Yay! Anime, gaming, manga, if you like any of those, I'm positive we'll get along.....unless you're a kpop anti, a racist, an insufferable bitch or jerk, a person with entitlement mentality, then no thanks.

I am a Filipina-Chinese and I live in the Philippines.

I don't like to sugarcoat things. If I made a mistake, I'll tell you exactly WHAT happened and WHY I did it. If you're a bitch, I'll call you a bitch. If you're annoying, I'll tell it right in your face that you're annoying.

If you want to call me a bitch, then say it, just be sure you have a good reason for saying it. If you hate me, tell me that you hate me and don't pretend that you like me. If you do, then babe, you just earned my respect.

I DO NOT READ SMUTS. Lemons, yes, but not smuts, especially about my idols because I count it as sexual harassment and an abuse to their sexuality. If there's a smut part in books I read, I skip them.

I am over-protective of my BFF's. Hurt them in any way, I WILL FIND YOU......

I love Wyatt Oleff btw, just random news ;))

#foodaddict #musicaddict

I am Z. Z loves to cut. She cuts in hope that it will cover her emotional pains. Cutting is addicting. Don't be like Z.

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Smh new kids on wattpad acting like they're  tough or something, probably  think they're  metal or rebellious. So damncringy. ╮(╯▽╰)╭
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you're not bulletproof | bts by _prkjmns_
you're not bulletproof | bts
"you're not bulletproof, don't kid yourself"
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