Ok so I know you finished the books forever ago but do you think you can write another one to add to the "Just out of reach" series? This time its been 5 years later. Y/n and Peter broke up and y/n moved to new asgard. She takes on her role of queen and loves her life however she has to return to new York to seek the help of the avenger when her kingdom is threatened. Along the way she meets someone she never thought she would see again, her dad.


@maxwelll0rd Just wondering if you could do it


Omg just finished ‘out of reach’ and oh my gawd it was amazing in every way. Each chapter had me tearing up and laughing. Your writing is so interesting to read and the way you make your characters with outgoing personalities was so much fun to read. I’m gonna start the next book tonight and I already know it’s gonna be good.
          Love you  


Hi, I’ve seen the discourse and can I just say: 
          I love your writing so much. It’s so lovely and inspiring. I personally am pissed off at Peter. The fic frustrates me to no end bc it never goes how I want. 
          And you know what? 
          I love you even more for being able to make me react so much to your writing. 
          People are being jerks because you won’t write whatever they want, but I know me and several other people love the story and are so excited to see what happens. 
          Honestly, you’re such a good writer and I love your plot lines
          I’ve also never related to a Y/N more, and taking a new look at Peter is interesting for sure. I’m soooo looking forward to more. 
          Chin up, because you’re talented beyond measure and please don’t let people get you down. You can tell in your writing that you love what you’re doing. 
          Not to mention, your writing actually makes me laugh, smile, and get frustrated and I love them and you so much for it. 


just passing by to say that i FORKING love your trilogy and that i adore you for writing such an amazing fic. please continue writing and be the amazing person that you are. that’s it. that’s the tea. 
          love yaaaa and welcome to wattpad, marlie! ♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎