so i'm just a girl who enjoys playing way too violent video games, reading under the duvets when i should be sleeping and photographing every moment of my life in order to create e n d l e s s  memories. i love anything to do with comic books and superheroes, harry potter and tfios...b u t j.k rowling will forever be the worlds best author where i'm concerned. i'm the type of girl who laughs at things that aren't remotely funny and feels sad when, to be completely honest, i have nothing to complain about. my family are the most important people in my life: my friends are my saviours and without them i am nothing.

i'm the type of girl who will never be pleased with myself, but will do my very best to make other people smile. i wish i was born in the 1950's so i could see audrey hepburn at her peak and just because the modern times are the epitome of c r a p.

i watch american tv shows that n o b o d y in england does and fantasise way too much about living abroad because this country really doesn't appeal to me.

all in all, i'm amani.

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