I started 4/22/2017 
Some of my stories are not suitable for young readers.
Please do not message me if I haven't updated a certain story, I do have more then one story to work on so please give me time.
I do put warnings in the description of every story, as the story could have content that could possibly trigger someone.
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Stories by _Gh0st_W33d_
Broken Strings (Yandere! Kurloz x Reader) by _gh0st_w33d_
Broken Strings (Yandere! Kurloz x Reader) Fanfiction
Yandere! Kurloz x Reader He seemed so nice at first, His smile made yours grow, But as the time passed, His love began to grow. Obsessions soon took over, And eyes lost their shine, Holding close a small clover, Wh...
Lost And Found (Darkleer x Reader) by _gh0st_w33d_
Lost And Found (Darkleer x Reader) Fanfiction
Darkleer x Reader Blue orbs followed your form, Your eyes always focused ahead, Hopes and dreams were torn, Your life hanging from a thread. His tone seemed mean, But it was anything but that, He saved you from the...