Ryan was kneeling in the bathtub. One towel under his knees and another under his hands. He loo- Ok I'll stop showing you beautiful literature, the milk fic. Anyways welcome to my account in the deep pits of hell. This is a thing with just shipping randomness and stories. I have no fucking idea about my gender right now help and use any pronouns you want so I can solve that. Be careful here, you're going to be scarred emotionally. Anyways I spend half of my life crying with other members of emo fandoms. I update when I update fuck the rules, fuck the police. You may be thinking, 'Milk Damapar Daddy/Mama/Parent, why is this bio so long?' well, I'M JUST TRYING TO EAT MY WAFFLES AND YOU FUCKING DISRESPECT ME!!!! Alright have a nice ass day. :\

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Story by Milk Daddy
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I like to write everything I think, it helps me stop thinking. WARNING: I might give an existential crisis
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