*dramatic entry* *ridiculous dancing* *trips on air and falls face down*

Uh- that- um- sowwy you had to witness that *squeaks*

*excited jumping*
brother : yeah keep jumping and you gonna fall again!!
*stops jumping* *gives disgusted looks*

So now that you've seen that- shitshow? I'll tell you about myself but for that you have to enter in my bio- *opens door* *kicks you inside* *enters and locks the door*

This is me! *tiny wave* I'm Zylia

I'm so clumsy that it can be my middle name, the god of destruction can make me his assistant and no one would even be surprised ☠️✊

I'm damn loyal to my 7 boyfriends and 9525 fictional husbands. 😻

Textroverted and ambiverted af✋

A member of the DrAKuLA Association run by @teteshii 🦇

I'm a-
'06 liner 💃| january capricorn ♑ | Indian 💁| army 💜 | moomoo✨ and- should this do? NAH *evil grin* there has to be a story~

So once upon a time, when I was 6 I was rocking on a chair while eating a cupcake, but then the chair slipped and I fell. I hit my head on the chair and it broke (the chair not my head baka). But the cupcake- I held it in the air I made sure it does not fall when I fell and I ate it before crying... so food is precious to me ( ╹▽╹;) a little too much *scratching neck*

My favourite hoomans on W4tt5hit-
@devanandanax - my nightingale (◍•ᴗ•◍)
@__Artemis-- - my mama and besto frendo
@Alyza_K - my bestayy ♡♡
@Shariat_army - another bestayy ♡♡
@_Adonis- -ma sweet papa
@-Kawaii_bunny_ -ma smol sista

People I terribly miss-
@-Ambivertz -she's da sweetest
@Tigers-Bunny- -my kookie ♡
@Sky_Gazer90 -she spammed me once and now I love her XD

Hurt them and you gonna pay 🔪☺️

That's pretty much all about me wanna know more? Log on to www.AskMeOnMyMessageBoardOrDms.com

Okhay~ later peeps! Imma head out *purposely forgets you inside*
Peace out ✌️☮️
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okay then I'll come back later!! please take care everyone!! i love you <3
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