*grips hold of plushie of Daithi* hewwo.... ^3^

Follow MEH to join my potato army. (::) We shall rule the WURLD!

•Leader of Tangerine Team•
•Shipping Lord•
•Macaroni Queen•
•Daithi Fan Group•

My two favourite people (who class me as a senpai) :

So far in my Tangerine Team!
Daithi: @__Wolfie236__
Vanoss: @PurpleFlameKittyH20
Basically: @randoM_Numberz
Mini: @Shadowwriterblazing1
Wildcat: @fullmetalgeek428
Delirious: @Ariana6852
407: @ILoveLotsOfPeople
Moo: @BobbyThunder
Terroriser: @mushrooomstooow
Ohm: @_ThatGirlsAngel_
Bryce: @GhostFox14
Lui: @krazywerewolf67

My brother: @Funtime_Arctic
My sister from another mister: @PurpleFlameKittyH20

I'm Wolfie. I'm Bi.
I ship many people like Septiplier, Sansby, Soriel, Frans/Sisk,
minnicat, crace, daithi de calibre and
h20vannoss (and alot more) Im all for gay and lesbian love because it is FUCKING adorable. I'm a young age. I adore YouTube. My favourite thing to do is draw read and write.

I was an island~
Before you came along~
Put your boat in my sand, hand in my hand and heart in my song~♪

The H20 to my Vanoss:


U is my bff for life Gracie!

Now some quotes:

So your best friends a vegetable. Well you know what they say! When life gives you Potatoes you make Potato salad!

~BattleBlock Theatre

Ha!Ha!Ha! Well I'm hopelessly crushed.


Bark, bark motherfucker.



~Lemongrab (adventure time)

ALRIGHT! Just gotta keep er' going!



~Daithi De Nogla




~BBS/Vanoss Crew

Hey baby, just so you know. All you gotta do is press 'B' to blow.

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Sorry guys , I've been having writer's block lately so I apologise, I'm trying to find things to inspire me to write. Sorry! 
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