Crocs are the fucken Ghostbusters when it comes to killing bugs

I have like 7 laying around my house solely for the purpose of murdering insects

(solely you get me)

('cause shoes)


(I made that pun just to make you cringe because I genuinely hate everyone I meet)


I am actually Jacob Frye

I hope my first child is a dragon

If you mention the name Draco Malfoy and hear awkward gay wheezing coming from your air vents hahaha that's me.

I come from the sexy snake house

Drarry is my OTP you wanna ship shame me come on catch me outside

I'm just gonna put this out there I'm from Russia and I'm saying this because I want you to be intimidated by me but if you ask me if I'm a spy I will castrate you with a butter knife

I'm obnoxious and crude so if you and your sophisticated, subtle sense of humor want to shit on that I'll probably respond by throwing a jar of bees at you.

I may seem like a nice, quiet, shy (I will beat you with a sharp metal kitchen appliance if you call me that), reserved person if you haven't had an actual conversation with me but not so deep down I'm a fucking asshole filled with garbage, salt, over exaggerated vanity, and offensive sexual humor.

So basically I'm Draco, but also a disgusting stalker.

Credence Barebone is my tiny son I will punch you if you touch him I fucking dare you

I don't know what that yellow ball in the sky is but I wanna fucking fight it.

Tumblr: iamzukoshonor (hint hint) (self promote) (you) (should) (go) (follow) (me) (because here I somehow have 622 followers and there my talentless ass has 4)

Follow and read my attemps to be funny. (Then piss off)
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