Hi everyone! I love the warrior cat series by Erin Hunter.  my favourite warrior book series is: the prophecy begins, my favourite colours are: green, blue, and yellow! And i luv, luv, LUV cats!!!!! i hope you injoy my books, and... My fav warrior cats are: Spottedleaf, Jayfeather, Sandstorm, Lionheart, Half moon, Fallen leafs, Firestar, Hollyleaf, *gasp* and Silverstream! (oh i also also like alot MORE!) *Mistydawn mews with laughter* "meow!" ❤ (oh and Mistydawn is a made up warrior cat i want to be!)    

Location: Riverclan

Gender: she-cat

Fav books: WARRIORS!!!!!!!

Fav things to do: draw, write sleep, draw, be in nature, climb trees, did I mention draw? LOL

And I foregut to mention... I am so SORRY I will only follow people I know in real life... Again I am sorry.
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Stories by Misty
A Forbidden Destiny by _Misty_dawn_
A Forbidden Destiny
Its about Dovewing and Tigerheart, they soon learnef they loved each other in the same way, But Dovewing is f...
Warrior Cat Drawings! (Part 2) by _Misty_dawn_
Warrior Cat Drawings! (Part 2)
Book 2 boiiii!!! This one has my new style of warrior cats! And warrior cat human versions! Go ahead and requ...
Drawings for Warrior Cats (old) by _Misty_dawn_
Drawings for Warrior Cats (old)
well, i will draw some of the pictures and u can comment to tell me what YOU want me to draw. but it has to b...
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