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Lady of the Lake: "It's human to make mistakes Merlin, and part of you is human, the best part."
Morgan: I like the old ways. The old ways gave me Mordred. And they made me beautiful.
Merlin: But beauty is only an illusion.
Morgan: Beauty is always only an illusion.
King Uther Pendragon: You've tricked me, Merlin.
Merlin: Come, come Uther. I am a wizard, that's my business.
Ambrosia: Magic has no power over the human heart.
Merlin: I'm thinking of the future here Morgan.
Morgan: Oh, you would think of the future, Merlin. Because the past is too painful.
Nimue: You've grown older.
Merlin: [Chuckles] . You too.
Nimue: Does it even matter?
Merlin: No. Not anymore.
Merlin: Oh, they hurt... memories. Memories of love, they hurt. Our world was tearing thyself to pieces and I didn't care. Those were truly the happiest days of my life.
King Uther Pendragon: Do you know what love is Merlin?
Merlin: Yes Uther, sad to say, I know what love is.
Merlin: I had won. I was trying to smile but it was the smile of desolution. Inside, I felt only the pity and the terror and the waste of it all. Everyone I had ever loved, and who ever loved me - all gone... all gone down...
Vortigern: Are you going to use some of your magic on me Merlin?
Merlin: I'll kill you any way I can Vortigern, but I will kill you.
Queen Mab: But?...
Frik: Well, in his heart, he hates magic. He wants to go home.
Queen Mab: Home. Home?
Frik: [whimpers]
Queen Mab: HOME?
Merlin: Out my lords.
Merlin: OUT!
Merlin: And close the door behind you!
Merlin: "There's no more. That's the end of magic..."
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