hei velkommen til min side, jeg Norge. men du kan kalle meg Lukas.(hello welcome to my page, I am norway. but you can call me Lukas) I am a Nordic..... my little brother(though he constantly denies it.) is Iceland. Denmark believes that he is my best friend, I will admit he is a good friend but he is quite annoying. Plus he carries around a giant axe.... which I find a bit dangerous. also I am part of the magic trio( England, Romania, and Norway) I am bored so I'm not going to continue.... :/
Also If anyone wants to RP just message me.

some of my friends are

Virtual Lefse for everyone!!!!!! (Lefse is Norwegian flat bread, which is my favorite food!)

Abby: hey everybody! I made this RP account for two reasons. One, norway is AMAZING plain and simple. Two, my family is Norwegian, and I am proud! so Lukas holds a very special place in my heart. I <3 Norway! so please message me If you wanna role play or just ask me a question. I have two other accounts, as shown above. one for RP and one for reading a writing stories, if you wish to read my stories please do! I will love you forever if you do!!!! Danke! bye!!!!
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@Unimaginablethoughts COFFEE IS ADICKTED TO ME!!!!!!!! NEED COFFEEadmin: ya he is still a bit out of it.....maybe a concussion.... oh and please do take care of him. Me and Denny almost strangled hi...
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