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Hey, guys! I'm just your average fan girl who couldn't put a good book down to save her life.

But in all seriousness, if some random caveman came hurling at me with a machete while I was in the middle of City of Heavenly Fire, I'd just be like "Can I read this book in the afterlife?"

Ok, on that note, here are some quick facts about me

-Favorite tv show: Supernatural. Destiel WILL prevail.

Favorite author: Sarah J. Maas. The end of acomaf broke me, people.

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff. I will NEVER forget Cedric Diggory.

-Favorite Movie: Harry Potter, duh. Let's all agree the movies were equally as awesome as the books.

-Ancient Greek parent: Athena. Should I be concerned that my linage is so focused on war?

-Favorite book series: The Mortal Instruments. Jace is in it so...

-Most frequently used emoji: the laughing one. I swear, I think Wattpad makes me laugh more than my own friends do

-Favorite flavor of ice cream: vanilla. DON'T JUDGE! I personally think it's the best flavor in the entire universe and no one is going to deter me in my belief of the almighty vanilla.

-Favorite vegetable: Haha, just kidding you.

(P.S. I love reading requests! Supporting small authors on wattpad is exciting and crucial in my opinion. Also, if you don't mind I'd love if you'd do the same for me and pop a read on one or two of my books *shameless self-promo*)
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