i am currently sitting, well actually lying down on my bed snuggling in the sheets while being surrounded by pillows reading "Fifty Shades Freed" eh *wink* *wink* suddenly feeling bored so i put away the book and started drifting off to sleep but a sudden creepy voice and loud knockings sounded by my door. 

i waited for it or whoever behind the door to give up but they won't.

so i got up and went to the door to open it but i found out that there isn't any door knob.

i cursed at myself for being stupid to forget that there is only door knob in the other side of this door and for being in this creepy house alone.

but then the door started opened up but my body seems to freeze at the moment.

i closed my eyes so that i won't know what's behind the door but quickly opened it back when i just heard silence.

all i saw is that behind the closed door was only a wall.

and all i know is that i'm talking bullshit here.

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