A few random facts:
1. I hate history class!
2. I prefer chocolate over vanilla, but I love love love vanilla bean anything ;D
3. I like cherry chapstick
4. I would love to marry Niall Horan one day
5. My favorite animal is probably an animal that is a mixture of a tiger and a koala … A Koalger!
6. I envy my brother because he has bright blue eyes.
7. If I had to choose Cosmo or Wanda to be my Godparent, I would choose Cosmo.
8. I really want contacts, but I'm not allowed to wear them yet >:p
9. I get told about 3 times a day that I smell good ...
10. I want to make a rainbow cupcake one day!
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_ForeverAfter3_ _ForeverAfter3_ Aug 20, 2012 05:13AM
Chapter 20 (WOOOOOOOO!) of "Isn't She Lovely" is up, as well as Chapter 1 of "Blue Eyes and His Bully" :D Enjoy them both!!!! xx :)
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Description: Gabby always loved Niall. Always. She loved his eyes, his voice, his accent, his laugh, everything. One night backstage at a concert, she bumped into the beautiful Irish boy. Niall thought Gabby was absolutely...


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