Probably the most depressing potato you'll ever meet.

Hey to everyone who's actually reading this. The first sentence probably put you off already, but if you must know, I'm Alex, I'm also gender fluid.

I love reading and writing (obviously)
You could say that I'm a art-a-holic. That doesn't really make any sense, or does it?? -wierd suspence music playing-

I love reading, writing, doing anything 'artsy' I guess you could say, sleeping (because sleeping, duh), playing guitar or piano and listening to music. I. Am. Band. Trash. Just to put it out there, ya know?

I absolutely LOVE music. It is honestly the only thing that keeps me sane, not including my couple of friends. Yes I have friends, it's strange, I know.
Well actually, If I'm being honest, my friends are insane so that adds to the factor of my lack of sanity.

Writing (and music, but that's not important at the moment) is my escape from reality, even if it's just for a little while.
In my books, I literally just spill out all my ideas and views. Whatever is in my head that I have to get out, I usually create it into a story of some kind. My mind is a scary and dangerous place, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

If you're not bored already, here's some random shit about me that you may or may not need to know:

- my favourite colours are blood red and black. (I know black's not a colour.)

- my top bands would be Bring Me The Horizon, Sleeping With Sirens, Too Close To Touch and Get Scared. There are so many more but I can't be bothered naming all of them.

- My friends say that I'm a really good writer, but I seriously doubt that. You can be the judge of my writing skills if you choose to read my books.

- I absolutely adore Oliver Skyes and Kellin Quinn. They are my inspirations and all that cheesy crap.

That's about it.

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