hello ppl allow me to introduce myself :  

name: Sad (cuz summer is almost over)
age: Unknown
gender: idk i never checked
location: In a sack of shit


i read stuff thats 18+ cuz u know that shit is tempting and even tho im no where near 18 i feel like a savage u can grow to be a savage as well if you follow i, the amazing goddess of all time and listen to every single smut sex audio u come across and enjoy it like a boss cuz. u. can. and no one will get in ur way- if ur already 18 and over ur disqualified so begone

question: is being 5'5 short? iv always wanted to know the tallest person i ever saw was 5'11 and the shortest 5'3 and now im just confused am i tall, average, or short af?

If i show up to your house and say "Hey bitch, wanna play?" it means im saying "Fuck me daddy" or better yet "Choke me daddy" which ever one fits your taste

thats all he wrote

༼ つ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ༽つ sPaRkLeS~ ya know if i had sparkles i would put them here

i like tea with english tea sandwiches but the tea i would prefer is peppermint milk CHEERS TO TEA SIPPERS *sips*

Bakudeku (this is my otp and it will stay top)
Todobaku (why is this so cute)
Tododeku (this ship is pure af more purer than izuocho, nah just kidding this shit can get spicy ;)
Todobakudeku (a good threesome never fails)
Kirideku (im weird so ill keep this)
Kiribaku (there still brothers in my opinion)
Kamibaku (who made this up?)
Kirikami (these are the masterminds of stupid.. relatable)
Kamikiribaku (like i said a good threesome never fails)
Izuocho (this the most innocent ship this world has ever discovered)
TodoMomo (fight me- no wait dont fight me)
Momojiro (i just ship it cuz everyone else does :/)
Uratsu (AAAh~)
Momoizu (bro sis type cuz its cute uwu)

damn i wish i had sparkles that would have been my thing to end this
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