Hey! I'm Anna! First off, that's not my real name, but I like to use it for wattpad. (: 

About me: I love to read and write. I have tons of favorite books that I can't name all of them. :) I'm fifteen years old, and I hope to become a famous author someday. That's my biggest goal in life. :)

I'm very quiet, but just because I'm quiet doesn't mean I don't have feelings, and a personality too. I don't like to draw attention to myself, I like to be in the shadows, unnoticed.

I'm a Christian, and I absolutely love doing things with my church!

I love music. Some of my favorite singers/bands are Taylor Swift, Evanescence, Barlow Girl, Casting Crowns, and much more.

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_BelieveInMe_ _BelieveInMe_ Jun 10, 2011 05:05AM
@dontforgetme Awh, thanks. I'm also working on another book called Heads Or Tails. And I will read you book. :)
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