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Well, I am a HUGE Transformers fan, complete with 3 TF OCs and decent knowledge on multiple continuities, though my main continuity of interest is the Aligned one, specifically Uniend 911.05 Alpha and Uniend 610.23 Zeta. Yes, I am a Transformers geek, 3rd definition in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

If anyone knows exactly which universal streams those are, kudos! You are officially obsessed with Transformers. Welcome to the club!

I'm also a really big Sonic the Hedgehog fan, but for some reason I'm not as active in writing/coming up with stories for this fandom.

And blame Sonic for getting me into Mega Man. 🙃 Zero is my cinnamon roll, Hidden Phantom is too precious to die, and Redemption by HarunaRei on FanFiction... OH THE FEELS!!! Seriously, look it up. 😉
My only complaint is Blues' portrayed relationship with Dr. Light. The comics do it much better.

I welcome critiques, constructive criticism, and ideas for any of my stories.

I am a Christian, and I do not support the LGBT movement.

I mostly don't do ships. I do friendships, and the only more-than-friends/acquaintances relationships I support (not ship, just ok with) are the ones that are really obvious, they're human, and they're straight. Example: Kade & Haley, Dani & Taylor, and Izuku & Ochako. I really only have one exception, and he's a cinnamon roll so bad that he honestly deserves her.

The Snazzy Jazzy Dependable Transformers (or S.J.D.T.)!
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You'll never succeed as a writer if you let a little bit of criticism faze you. - Unknown (an example sentence for the word "faze" in the Merriam-Webster dictionary)
Because no person can be perfect, but every person can improve. - Me

Getting older is only half of it. It's the growing up part that counts. - Me
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