'Hi I'm-'👍🏻
^Get out of the way Lex! I'm going to go first!^💎
~No you aren't Bex! I am! I'm going! I'm R- ~🦖
^Out of the way Rex!^💎
'I'm going first! '👍🏻
^Hi! I'm Bex! Older sister to-^💎
~No! I'm older~🦖
'I'm the oldest!'👍🏻
^Shut it both of you! Mom says that she will take this away if we continue arguing!^💎
~But why do we only get one account anyway?~🦖
'Mom said the goal was to share, and that also she couldn't get Dex to hook up another one of those human e-mailey things'👍🏻
'Apparently you need one of them to get a different account.'👍🏻
~Well then, I guess we have to work together to annoy, and prank people~🦖
^Who is the target?^💎
'Who always is?'👍🏻
'No it's.......'👍🏻
~^'DEX'^~ 💎🦖👍🏻 *says at the same time*
'Watch out big brother!'👍🏻
~We are about to make your life..~🦖
^Alot more interesting!!^💎
*high fives are passed around*
~Can his life even get more interesting?~🦖

'By the way, we discover emojis!'👍🏻
~And symbols~🦖
^So we love to use them!^💎
~We decided to make your life much easier~🦖
^Because we are amazing people^💎
'That we would put a certain symbol next to the words'👍🏻
~So you would know it was us and not one of the other two~🦖
^Hey, they would clearly be able to tell it was me^💎
'The emojis are nice though right?'👍🏻
^Yeah, actually^💎
~So here is how to tell us apart~🦖
The ^ and 💎 is Bex
The ' and the 👍🏻 is Lex
And the ~ and the 🦖 is me, Rex!

~^'Help us annoy and prank people!~^'💎🦖👍🏻

^Mom is calling us for dinner^💎

~^' BYE WATTPAD!~^'👍🏻💎🦖

Official Elves:

Linh: @_-TheLinhSong-_
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Wylie: @_-WylieEndal-_
Sophie: @_-SophieFoster-_
Biana: @_-BianaVacker-_
Keefe: @_-thehairofficial-_
Fitz: @_-FitzVacker_-
Dex: @_-CinnimonBun-_
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Elwin: @_-PhysicianElwin-_
Ro: @_-RoTheWarrior-_
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Mom : @_-JulineDizznee-_

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