•Pronouns- Whatever (I'm cis gendered, meaning my biological sex and gender identity match but I don't care what you call me)

•Alignment- Chaotic Neutral

•I have Aspergers Syndrome. It's on the Autism Spectrum. I'm not neurotypical and I'm not going to pretend to be. If that makes me rude or annoying or whatever people are when they don't act exactly like people want them to, oh well. If you can't deal, then screw you. (Not literally)

•Likes: D&D, Magic The Gathering, LARPing, Pokemon, Electroswing, Heavy Metal, Anime, DC Comics (though I'm still new to the universe) Fantasy and Science Fiction.

•Dislikes: Bigots, Science Deniers, Entitled People (aka boomers), Love Triangles (As a polyamorous person, they make no sense to me), Scientific Inaccuracies in Science Fiction, Soft Magic systems, and overly sappy romance novels.

•Favorite quote: "If you're gay that's awesome. If you're straight that's great, you can make more gay babies" -Everyone is Gay

• That's all sorry for the long ramble :)
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